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Valentines Special

September 2021

Spring Greetings!

After some wonderful rain, Spring is now in full swing in the Quarry, with our beautiful indigenous Coral trees and Clivia flowering profusely.
With the advent of the warmer weather, our guests are now enjoying a delicious breakfast served on the deck overlooking the lake.

We recently hosted guests taking part in the Iron Man event, for the first time
since lockdown and can also happily confirm that all of our staff have now been vaccinated!
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Valentines Special

April 2021

Autumn Greetings!

April brings beautiful autumnal weather to the Eastern Cape, with milder days and cooler nights.
Our guests are enjoying breakfast on the deck, overlooking the lake, watching kingfishers diving into the clear waters.

Our indigenous garden is being enhanced with the addition of succulent spekboom plants,
widely known to be oxygen-producing and environmentally friendly.
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Valentines Special


Celebrating the month of love!

This month, we celebrated the month of love with some fabulous weekend accommodation specials. East London is also a hive of activity during February with a variety of events taking place in and around the city. The prestigious Buffalo Rowing regatta is once again taking place on The Buffalo River (South Africa’s only River Port).

Our central location makes it ideal for visitors who want to experience a luxurious and tranquil getaway within proximity to the city centre and various attractions. Read about our weekend specials and February events here.

Valentines Special


Starting the year with a bang!

Quarry Lake Inn once again had the privilege of hosting competitors and supporters attending the annual Half Ironmen. This popular sporting event draws athletes and visitors from various parts of the country.

East London’s generous landscapes, beautiful river mouths and scenic coastlines, make it an ideal and popular destination for major sporting events. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for news about upcoming events in and around Buffalo City.

Valentines Special


Season’s Greetings!

The year is drawing to a close and we have been blessed with some excellent rains on the coast of the Eastern Cape. Our gardens are glowing and vibrant with lush green vegetation and bursts of colour.

Our water tank has filled to the brim after 60 mm of rain this week and contains 160,000 litres of pure filtered rain-water for reticulation to our rooms. The holiday season is almost upon us and our family rooms are available for those overnight stays with children.

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Valentines Special


Spring Is Here!

Spring has arrived and all around us there are signs of new life. Here at the Quarry Lake Inn, we recently had the privilege of spotting a pair of Cape Clawless Otters, swimming in harmony together. These otters swim up the small river from the sea, into the Quarry Lake to find fish. This early morning sighting is a rare one and therefore very special.

The Egyptian geese have also swelled their numbers to 14, of which 12 are almost fully-fledged juveniles about to take to the wing. Quarry Lake Inn’s lush natural environment offers the perfect setting for those who need to escape the city’s hustle and bustle this coming holiday. Some of our rooms have sleeper-couches and are perfect for family getaways! Read our latest newsletter here.


Valentines Special

APRIL 2019

Happy Easter 2019!

April is a beautiful time of the year in the Eastern Cape and the seasonal change is accompanied by temperate weather.

Easter weekend is around the corner and Quarry Lake Inn’s serene and luxurious accommodation makes for an ideal base from where to explore the beautiful Eastern Cape. Click on the image to view our latest newsletter.

Valentines Special

MARCH 2019

New additions to our conference venue!

During the first quarter of the year, we made some changes to our conferencing area, creating some additional seating and space.

We can now seat 40 pax in cinema style and we have installed a new state of the art projector, screen and speaker system. The entire area is now enclosed by glass doors for additional privacy.


Valentines Special


The Buffalo Rowing Regatta!

This month East London is hosting the prestigious “Buffalo Rowing Regatta “. The event will take place on a magnificent two-kilometre section of the Buffalo River. The Buffalo River is the only river in South Africa to boast a two-kilometre, straight stretch at sea level. Once again Quarry Lake Inn is proud to be hosting some of the event’s participants and supporters.

After a rather dry December, we have now had rains filling our tanks. Despite the low rainfall, Quarry Lake Inn did not run out of the water and we continued an uninterrupted rainwater supply to all of our rooms.

Valentines Special


Season’s greetings

During the festive season, we had the wonderful privilege of introducing visitors from all over the world to the beautiful Eastern Cape. Despite some dry periods, we have managed to keep water reticulation from our water storage tank, to supply all of our rooms’ water needs.

Some recent showers have completely replenished the tank and we are now ready for the summer ahead. Read our Christmas newsletter here.

Valentines Special


Family-friendly accommodation!

At Quarry Lake Inn we now have special family rooms that cater to families with children. All of our family rooms have a double sleeper couch in the room, making it ideal for those families who are en route to holiday destinations.

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